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Wendy’s Story of Sleep Study Success

“My new apnea treatment gave me my energy back. Now I’m a gym regular and lost 62 lbs!”

I was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2004 after a trip to the doctor following a choking incident.The doctor suggested I participate in a sleep study. The results came back and I was diagnosed with Acute Obstructive Sleep Apnea.I started immediately on CPAP therapy. It took three to five months to get used to the feeling of the mask. I never really liked it but always wore it because it was all I had. I underwent orthognathic surgery in hopes of correcting my jaw and curing the apnea. Unfortunately it didn’t work so I was stuck with CPAP.

Then last year I saw an advertisement for the dental appliance. Since my apnea was so severe, the Sleep Center staff were skeptical if the Oral Appliance would work for me.  But when I learned it was covered by Medicare I made the call.

My doctor first had me participate in another sleep study with the temporary dental device to see if I might be a candidate, which confirmed that I could. Therefore, I proceeded to make the permanent device. Then I went on to take another sleep test with my permanent device a couple of months ago. The result was amazing. My AHI has dropped so low that even the Sleep Center staff are amazed.

The oral appliance is a dream come true. After some small adjustments the first day, it fits perfectly and is very comfortable. My husband has told me I’m not snoring at all at night and I can feel the difference in how rested I feel. I have so much more energy during the day. I also started going to the gym and have lost 62 pounds! My aches and pains are gone now too. It’s all connected.

I’m really enjoying my retirement now. My husband and I are avid road trippers and whereas before I couldn’t really help with the driving —because I’d get too drowsy— now I can. Plus, not having to lug around the CPAP machine when we travel is a big bonus. We’re planning a big trip to Washington D.C. in the next few months, in total about 3000 miles of driving. And of course, lots of sightseeing!

Life is good.

We invite you, or someone you care for with snoring or restless sleep to visit the Kerrville clinic for a sleep study. Email, or call us at (830) 890-5225 for a consultation.

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  1. Heather L. says:

    Thank you so much for this information. I sent an email requesting more information on the discount coupon and free consultation. 😀