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Sleep Apnea Solutions – Do they Exist?

Sleeping in the same room as a person who snores is no easy task. Snoring is caused by partially blocked airway in the back of your throat. When a person regularly stops breathing and then starts back up again with a gasp of breath, that is an indication of apnea. Sleep Apnea Solutions are available at the Sleep Apnea Kerrville clinic.

Sleep Apnea Solutions


Many people suffer from sleep apnea and even kids can have this condition. This is troubling for older people because it can make you prone to cardiac arrest, diabetes, and even hypertension. Patients also tend to grind their teeth. It also has an adverse effect on their cognitive ability which begins to deteriorate and hence this is a very serious issue.

There are ways to help control night time breathing. One of the ways is to use a CPAP or a Bi-PAP machine. The machine has helped many people who snore but at the same time there is reasons why not to use a machine at all. Usually people find the machine uncomfortable for long period of time and its noisy.

There happens to be alternative therapy to using the CPAP machine. A custom oral airway device which you use while you sleep as had positive results like the CPAP. People have found though that this device is easier to use and feels  better than the uncomfortable CPAP.

Never take a risk with your life. You are entitled to a sound sleep and lead a healthier and fitter life. In case you or your near and dear ones suffer from this disorder then you should simply call up and schedule an appointment. You will be surprised at how uncomplicated this procedure is.

If you, or someone you care for is struggling with restless sleep, snoring or potential sleep apnea, we invite you to visit the Kerrville clinic for sleep apnea solutions, email, or call us at (830) 890-5225 for a  consultation.

A great night of sleep could be just around the corner!